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Grueninger Music Tours Listens

Grueninger Music Tours (GMT) is one of the nation’s oldest, largest and most experienced music performance travel companies focusing on travel for elite high school marching bands. 63 years of experience has solidified GMT as a company of excellence. A student music tour that is well crafted, educational, purposeful, and most of all, extraordinarily memorable just doesn’t happen by itself. There are many details to take care of, and many problems that could easily arise. As your travel partner, GMT anticipates and handles EVERYTHING, so you are free to concentrate on your rehearsals and performance.

Experts in Travel

Our first performance trip hosting a band to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was in 1973.  Our first music tour hosting a band to perform in the Pasadena Rose Parade band was in 1963.   Since that time, we’ve been back with student performance groups more times than we could count. Each year, Grueninger Music Tours takes hundreds of students to perform all over the globe. From Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day to Spring Break trips to Orlando, we’ve been around the block a few times. Since 2000 alone, GMT has managed band travel for over 60 bands to the Tournament of Roses in Pasadena, California.   It is common for GMT to move over 1,500 guests in a week to California.

Flexible Travel Directors

Our longstanding client relationships along with the referrals and recommendations we consistently receive from loyal choir and band directors all over the United States serve as a testament as to how we actually meet these lofty standards.  If you are looking for a music travel partner to relieve you of the burden of planning your performance travel, and you recognize there is simply no substitute for impeccable planning, responsive service and proven expertise, we are your travel partner.  Contact us today to make your next performance a reality!

Your Music Travel Partner

We know many other companies will want to “book” your travel, but at GMT, making your music travel arrangements is merely the starting point for the relationship we will establish with you. Our TOTAL COMMITMENT philosophy is the essence of who we are and how we define and measure ourselves. Since Grueninger Music Tours is a full-service, group travel provider staffed with many former band and music directors, we are able to bring countless insights and perspectives to help our clients better plan their group music tours. We “get” travel AND we’ve “walked the parade route” multiple times.  We know what to recommend — and what to tell you to avoid. Unlike so many of our competitors, we offer a full array of resources, including marketing, accounting and fundraising support for your next student travel performance.