Our Promise

Statement of Commitment

Grueninger Music Tours programs are built for maximum WOW factor to deliver extraordinary guest experiences through an unparalleled commitment to customer service.

Uniqueness in Program Design

GMT has secured high-quality accommodations with cultural entertainment, team-oriented elements, dining venues so our guests will truly feel like a VIP group, optional private excursions and day tours, shopping, and medium impact adventure. The high level of our custom-branded content throughout the itinerary and all activities ensure participants sense that the program is a true recognition of their hard work.

Tight Program Planning, Flexible Program Execution

Activities, tours, and program itineraries are executed with an understanding of your culture and students to deliver a student music tour that will appeal and satisfy the entire group. This pertains to all aspects of communications during the performance travel operation.

Onsite Management and Staffing

Our travel directors know how to make people feel good so they remember the experience and how important it made them feel.

The skills and experience our team brings to an on-site event – all that happens in the background – creates that atmosphere, that feel-good factor, which is the clients’ take away. With the pre-event planning, the attention to detail and the on-site implementation, we leave nothing to chance.

Proven Track Record in Student Performance Travel

It’s possible there may be an unforeseen circumstance that disturbs the smooth sailing. And, in this (unlikely) instance, we have found that our ability to solve a problem is often as memorable as if nothing at all goes awry. Our clients remember that we responded positively and honestly, and offered our absolute best at all times. We often hear from our attendees – “You are everywhere” – which is just where we aim to be!

Social Connectivity

We have created multi-platform hubs to connect with your students, and a fully-integrated registration website for compiling passenger data, and introducing trip details to students and parents.

Music Tour Site Inspection

As to best evaluate the “on the ground” features of the proposed venues, a site inspection is scheduled to allow your representatives to personally review the destination, resort facilities and optional excursions offered.