Your GMT Team

Our seasoned staff of over 30 professionals has been with us on average over 10 years each.  Their hands-on band and choir program experience is ready to make your performance travel better than you could ever imagine!


Your first GMT contact will be with a member of our sales team. Their job is to help you determine what your performance-trip needs are, and how to plan the perfect trip.  Our sales team will coordinate with our other staff members to guarantee a smooth, successful trip.

Michael Grueninger, President, since 1992 | (317) 218-0810 |

James DiBlasio, Sales Director, since 2007 | (317) 218-0832 |

Chris Richards, Sales, since 2005 | (317) 218-0838 |

Greg Caples, Sales, since 2002 | (417) 883-2832 |

Operation / Tour Coordination

The GMT Operations team is the coordinator of all activities for your group.  They will negotiate hotel rates, assist in the selection of meals (including special dietary needs), and arrange group transportation and any special attractions.  It’s their pleasure to ensure your trip receives rave reviews!  GMT manages every trip detail itself.

Diana Hook, Tour Operations Director, Since 2006 |
Katharine Cox, Account Executive, Since 2007  |
Carole Greenawald, Account Executive, Since 2005 |
Aly Hook, Account Executive, Since 2010 |
Emily Alford, Account Executive, Since 2016  |
JT Fletcher, Account Executive, Since 2011 |

Dedicated Air Department | Charter & Commercial

Our air department is continually searching for the best air fares for your travelers.

Ken Hall, Air Specialist, Since 2005
Lisa Courville, Air Specialist, Since 2007 2006

Travel Directors

Each GMT trip is accompanied by knowledgeable on-site Travel Directors.  They will meet your performers, and make sure their experience during their trip is safe, pleasant and without problems; allowing you to focus on your students and their performance preparation.  If you choose to have friends and family travel as well, they will have a Travel Director accompany them the entire trip.


Our marketing team provides custom-designed print and digital collateral for your staff and students.  From websites, landing pages, digital forms, to printed flyers, posters, leave-at-homes, and phone applications – they provide it all, branded to your school!

Jennifer Habig, Marketing Director, Since 2005 and 2016|
Ali Judd, Senior Graphic Designer, Since 2004  |
Karlie Newman, Digital Marketing Specialist, Since 2018 |