Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day

We’ve got years of international experience! We managed our first student group in 1954! Since then, we’ve become the travel provider of choice for many of the nation’s top student performance groups. With so many music groups under our belt, we know what works, and what doesn’t. Our team of over 30 specialists, air ticketing experts, product development managers, account executives and travel directors ALL have hands-on, “been-there/done that” knowledge.

We offer

  • “Soup-to-nuts,” turnkey solutions based on your objectives, budget, and ideas. We can take you across the country, or around the world. As part of our service, we also provide online booking and payment options, fundraising opportunities, even separate programs for boosters, friends, and family who want to go along to support you at your performance.
  • We manage every trip detail ourselves leaving nothing to chance. We do not offer “off the shelf” tours. What we provide to every client is a custom designed program for your group to meet your specific needs. (There is no extra charge for this service.) This flexibility translates into a more successful and cost-effective program for you and your students.
  • You will have ONE contact with 24/7/365 access. From the development of your itinerary, on site at your event, and right through to your final trip reconciliation, you will have ONE contact for everything you might require or want. This person will be your “right hand” from beginning to end — and no task will be too large or too small. Significantly, our travel directors are always empowered to fix any problems “on the spot” should they occur.
  • Your students and their money are protected. We understand how important your students are. Because of this, their safety and security are our highest priority. So is their money. We secure your funds and are fully bonded and insured. We also carry the seal of approval from both the Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA) and National Tour Association (NTA).

We’ve got Irish “connections.” No matter where your group wants to go, chances are the executives of the event already know and have worked with GMT. Same with the travel partners we select. We only use vendors we have carefully screened, or with whom we already have a well-established working relationship.

  • We offer value with service. We will provide the highest possible level of service WITH cost savings. Because of our experience, reputation and personal relationships with both event executives and all vendors, we WILL get you the very best value for your money. All of this aside, we offer several proprietary and unique value-added features such as student motivational training, trip publicity and no-cost fund-raisers.
  • There will be NO surprises! We do what we say and deliver what we promise. (If we can’t do it, it can’t be done!)