Chicago: America's Boomtown

Music was always in the background as Chicago grew from a swampy real estate scam into one of the hardest working and most beautiful cities in the world. This city of broad shoulders was built by hard-working citizens who also knew how to relax.

Chicago's work hard, play hard character created a beautiful city filled with great entertainment options. The city is world famous for it's great museums, theatres and musicians great performance options include many professional sporting events, on grand stages and in countless public spaces.

In Chicago you can give your students a traditional education at the Museum of Science and Industry and an extreme education touring Chicago's architecture aboard a turbo-charged speed boat. Your students can also perform at the Navy Pier and attend a performance of legendary blues musicians. Broadway shows, Chinatown, the symphony and a ride on the El (elevated train) are sure to create life-long memories for your students.

Chicago offers many options and Grueninger Music Tours has been guiding youth group leaders in the right direction and at the right price since 1954. The Grueninger Music Tours' staff will work closely with your group's travel planners to create a perfect tour for your young people at the perfect price. We can even provide significant fundraising assistance with our fundraiser. One of our groups raised over $65,000 with our fundraiser.

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